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Seal of Compliance

The SM Tech seal of compliance and its significance.

What is Cyber Security Regulatory Compliance, and why does it matter to your business?
As the use of computers evolved over the years, so did Cybercrime. Criminals saw an opportunity that never existed in history. Instead of breaking in, keeping people by gunpoint, or kidnapping for ransom, they found that getting good at Cybercrime can make a fortune without getting their hands dirty.

Over time, governments worldwide saw the need to require businesses and organizations to protect customer and employee private data better, therefore, implementing various Cyber security regulations for different types of business in other industries, especially the ones handling sensitive information like healthcare providers, financial institutions, etc.

Here is where the experts at SM Tech come into the picture. We have a team of IT and cyber security experts who understand these regulations' ins and outs and help our clients navigate the complexities accompanied by them.

The SM Tech seal of compliance is given to our clients that showcase a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of customer-sensitive data and the security of their networks.

Do you want to showcase our seal of compliance on you company website?

  • SM Tech Solutions has provided us with a powerful cloud hosting platform that we have offered to our clients at very affordable prices. In addition, they bring high-level expertise and experience to find the best configurations to best fit our clients requirements. Their quick response time to deliver excellent customer support adds to the value my clients receive and inspires me to add more clients to host our software with them.
    Allen Imbarrato
    CEO, KiBiz Systems
  • Our company relies on SM Tech Solutions as our managed IT service and hosting provider, one of the best business decisions we made was to migrate our customer portal website from AWS to the sm tech cloud; everything is so much smoother now.
    The team at SM Tech is highly responsive and knowledgeable. I would recommend SM Tech to anyone looking for the right technology partner!
    Pearl Ausch
    COO, First Choice Shipping
  • Since we are in the mortgage business, we are regulated by the New York state finance department; SM Tech Solutions helps us navigate the complexities of 23 NYCRR 500 regulations.
    We use SM Tech for all our technology needs, including Cyber Security and VOIP.
    As the CEO of Capital Plus, I am vouching for SM Tech, and I can't recommend them highly enough.
    Eli Reifer
    President, Capital Plus Residential.
  • SM Tech Solutions' team knowledge and expertise in HIPAA regulations are outstanding; they know their stuff. I love working with their great team; they are highly skilled, provide the best customer service, and are great problem solvers. Being our Managed IT Service provider, I know that our data and network are safe and secure.
    If you are in Healthcare and need guidance with HIPAA then look no further than SM Tech.
    Jeremy Herber
    Operations Manager, Newark Imaging.

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